Here at REMIN (Scotland) Ltd, in collaboration with Newcastle University, we are delighted to launch our Carbon Capture Certificate for REMIN® volcanic rock dust (REMIN).   When our customers apply REMIN to soil they are certified as capturing between an upper and lower limit of carbon dioxide and the corresponding weight in carbon.   This REMIN Certification is approved by four leading organic certification authorities namely the Soil Association, Organic Farmers & Growers, Scottish Organic Producers Association and Biodynamic Agricultural Association.

As presented on this website, REMIN is freshly crushed and finely screened, ancient, volcanic rock produced as a by-product from a few select UK quarries.   This dust is rich in all 17 naturally occurring minerals and trace elements that are beneficial to plant and soil life.    Numerous REMIN user testimonials  report improved yield, health and pest resistance of their crops grown with REMIN plus increased life in their soil.    Whilst increased plant and soil life constitutes increased organic carbon capture, this Certificate is based on the inorganic carbon that REMIN captures, ie carbon that is not part of, nor has ever been part of, living tissue.

REMIN’s natural weathering initiates a series of chemical reactions, known as Enhanced Rock Weathering and Carbonation that capture significant amounts of carbon dioxide.  A bit like natural rusting of iron, forming iron oxide (rust), one tonne of REMIN captures from 70kg to 230kg carbon dioxide when applied to soil and this equates to approximately 20kg to 65kg of captured carbon.

Many are planting trees to capture carbon, trees that may or may not grow and their carbon capture is restricted to the life cycle of the tree.  It is therefore great to make this complimentary announcement for REMIN.   When applied whilst planting trees or any other crop, REMIN users are certified as capturing more carbon than the crop alone can capture.   What is more, a portion of the additional carbon captured will be secured in the soil for hundreds of years and often the crops are noted as healthier.” says REMIN founder, Jennifer Brodie.   “After many years of seeing the benefits that REMIN brings to soil and plants, throughout the UK, and abroad, it is fantastic to team up with Professor David Manning of Newcastle University to offer these REMIN Certificates for yet another REMIN benefit.”  There are 14 categories of growers that can be awarded a Certificate with their purchase of REMIN.   The Master List of Certificates is kept by REMIN (Scotland) Ltd.


It is hoped this Certificate will help everyone from the allotmenteers, to the gardener with a raised bed, to large scale farming and forestry, to recognise the important additional contribution they are making towards combatting climate change when they plant and make compost with REMIN.    The company has recently also launched their CARBON CAPTURE GARDENING leaflet to educate all on how to use REMIN to capture carbon, in an area “from the size of a planter to a football pitch.  Every little helps and all ages can have one!”

And when it comes to the big climate change debate” says Jennifer, “We seriously hope our announcement will get everyone off their computers designing expensive sophisticated technology and work with what is right here under our feet.   By burning fossil fuel, that is nothing more than decomposed plant and animal life from thousands of years ago, we have surrounded our Planet with greenhouse gases and it has knocked our climate, and the life on our planet, for a six.   Sir David Attenborough told us in his recent ‘A Perfect Planet’ series that volcanoes fertilised our planet.   When we add this ancient REMIN volcanic rock dust we help to grow our soil and in so doing put the carbon back from where it came from.   Meanwhile REMIN’s minerals and trace elements boost the life in our soils and help address our own health issues.  No one can change the past, but REMIN is a back-to-basics way for everyone to actually do something to help combat change.”

Jennifer Brodie, Founding Director
REMIN (Scotland) Ltd
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