When I first opened the bag and looked inside I thought I had made a mistake because the contents looked just like cement mix. The outside of the bag was correct however so I went ahead. Now, after one season, I am a total convert.
My most outstanding results are as follows:
(a) HANGING BASKETS and WINDOW BOXES gave their best ever display
(b) THE ROUNDALL it the middle of my garden produced BEGONIAS that were something else with enormous flower heads.
(c) The success that meant the most to me was with my DESSERT RHUBARB. I had always been disappointed with its spindly stalks. Now I have thick rich stalks and the patch has doubled in size. Sorry there are no photos – it was all too much in demand for eating – it was delicious!
Overall I DIDN’T HAVE TO USE ANY INSECTICIDE as the plants were all more resistant as they were healthier. Normal plant foods tend to make plants sappy and more prone to greenfly infestment. This is certainly not the case with volcanic rock dust.
Word also got around about my garden and folk were coming to have a look. Once young chap who regularly walks his dog up our way stopped me one day and said “YOU’VE GOT THE BEST GARDEN IN BANCHORY”.
As far as I am concerned this is all thanks to volcanic rock dust.
Kind regards

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