Dundee Flower and Food Festival gives it’s “Seal of Approval”

06 Nov Dundee Flower and Food Festival gives it’s “Seal of Approval”

KEITH BRAND, Winner of Best Gladiolius Exhibit and William Wilson Trophy of Primulinus: Keith proclaiming: “That stuff is magic! I don’t know how it works, but it fair makes things grow. It is just amazing. I used in on my CABBAGES and I could not believe it, they doubled in size in a week. Come and see what it has done for my GLADIOLI! I do a lot of hybridisation and volcanic rock dust improves quality and over wintering of the corns.”
TOM CALDWELL from Elderslie: Tom told us before he tried volcanic rock dust he could never grow PARSNIPS. “I got a couple of bags from you when I came on the stand at the Glasgow Show two years back and I have had a good crop of PARSNIPS each year since!”
GRAEME BUTLER, Owner of Rumbling Bridge Alpine Nursery: Stand holder, Graeme, has specialised in growing Alpine Plants for years. He says: “In some cases volcanic rock dust was a problem because the plants were growing too fast – they are meant to be Alpine! I found however if I added a small amount to the NEW ZEALAND DAISY, as a top dressing, it really helped get this tricky Alpine established.
KEITH POOLE, Head Gardener, Fife Estate: After the Show, Keith kindly sent photos to show his 2 year results. “Not so much in first year, but by Years 2 and 3, WOW! This CABBAGE was 9.5lbs and the ROSES where we applied the volcanic rock dust excelled whilst those we left without had a lot of Tar Spot, were spindly & had few flowers.”
Last but not least John Mitchell, Head Gardener of the 5 Star Fairmont, St Andrews told us he tried volcanic rock dust on their LAVENDER. The results were spectacular and he also means to take in a good supply of “the magic!”

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