4 - COMMERCIAL GROWER IS CONVERTED!We have been stocking volcanic rock dust for quite a few years but as a commercial nursery have used standard slow release fertiliser in our compost for all production plants and hanging baskets.
This last spring while we were planting hanging baskets and setting young seedlings and plugs we ran out of slow release fertiliser but we still had a few baskets and plants to pot and setup.
Time was short one day and instead of making the trip to our horticultural supplier we made the decision to use volcanic rock dust in our mixture. I think somebody from above must have been looking down on us with a kind eye! We have been amazed by the results. The plants have shown stronger and quicker growth, water requirements have not been has high – so basically the product has done what it says on the box or in this case bag!
We noticed the results quite quickly and as an experiment one basket was kept by and not given very much supplementary feeding and our above photo shows the results.
We also use a lot of mycorrhizal for our perennials and shrubs which is complimented by use of volcanic rock dust. From now on we are also using compost teas as part of our crop husbandry regime.
The slow release fertiliser in this nursery has had its day. From now on volcanic rock dust will be one of our preferred compost additives because it has given us better results and this will get us a better profit margin!

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