REFRACTOMETER readings go up

06 Nov REFRACTOMETER readings go up

1 and 5 and 16 - REFRACTOMETER - reading go up (2)After realising that my soil was deficient in minerals, particularly trace minerals, of which there are around 80 which have long been missing from our soils, I found the volcanic rock dust on a web search.
I tested my fruit and vegetables with a REFRACTOMETER which measures the sugar content of the produce on a scale called the Brix scale. (The ‘man from Del Monte’ uses one to know when the fruit is ripe to pick.) Basically the higher the natural sugar level the higher the minerals and you cannot have high sugar without high mineral levels.
I was shocked to find how low the sugar levels were against chart for healthy nutritious fruit and veg chart and decided my soil was missing something.
We always use natural fertilisers and manure from the fell ponies in the next field. The lady who keeps the ponies told me she regularly injects them with selenium to bring their condition back. I thought that if she needed to have them injected, then there wasn’t any selenium and probably any other trace minerals in the soil OR in the grass that they eat OR in the manure that I use on my garden (except the week after the injections!)
So after purchasing the volcanic rock dust I applied it liberally to my soil in late spring and waited for the results.
Well the differences in the REFRACTOMETER readings for our STRAWBERRIES and RASPBERRIES were amazing. We also notice an important improvement in the size, taste and smell of the fruit – such a difference in such a short while!
The same applied to the vegetables, especially the CARROTS, which looked so strong and vibrant and the smell when first picked was superb!
I have also spread the volcanic rock dust over the grass WHERE OUR CHICKENS LIVE, thinking that the grass will have a super mineral content and when the chickens eat it, as they do, so will our eggs.
Thanks for a great and unique product that I feel will produce healthy and nutritious food for everyone that uses it.
Roger Sanders

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