WELCOME to REMIN ON-LINE SHOP Prices shown include VAT and DELIVERY. You do not require a Paypal account. To buy by credit card please follow “Pay with debit or credit card” links. In REMIN ON-LINE SHOP all bags are sold by pallet only. To buy individual bags please visit Catalogues OR find your Local Stockist A load of REMIN got hit by a shower of rain, pre bagging, so remainder of (49 x 20kg) pallets as shown are getting sold off at HALF PRICE.   To grab a bargain add “HALF PRICE” where it says APPLY COUPON on the CART page.

DELIVERIES:   We supply what is known as a “pavement delivery” ie we off load pallets where our preferred carrier’s lorry can park.   Your pallet is lowered via the lorry tail lift.  The lorry can access and park wherever a standard Council waste collection lorry can access and park. Once you have placed your order you will be contacted to organise the best day for your delivery.