REMIN 2019 Testimonial Competition – Deadline for Entries 9 Dec. 19

To enter simply submit a few photos with brief comment, as show below, on your use of REMIN in the garden in 2019, to   Yes, we know results cannot ALL be down to REMIN.   We simply need to be sure that you think REMIN has played a part and prizes are modest to avoid accusations of bribery!  All entries must be in by Monday, 9th December, 2019

ALL ENTRANTS get a REMIN woolly hat and THE WINNER will receive 4 x 20kg bags of REMIN volcanic rock dust, 2 REMIN woolly hats and a copy of Charles Dowding’s 2020 Calendar and Vegetable Garden Diary.

10. CHRIS CELINO, Hedley on the Hill, Northumberland – Novice Pot Leek grower competitor
I grow my show leeks in half 45 gallon drums. When I mixed REMIN into the barrel, the leeks never looked back and I won the 2019 Novice Pot Leeks at the National Pot Leek Society Show.

9. LES JACKSON, Dahlia Hybridiser (Hillcrest) – Cumbria
Knowing what volcanic dust could be, I was happy to give it a try and I am pleased with the results. I added a 500g yogurt tub REMIN (= 1kg) to a 60 litre bag of compost and mixed them together. I used it to box up my Dahlia Tuburs in greenhouse, not forgetting warm water and they grew bigger and stronger. The cuttings all looked very clean. Initially I only had one green and two white flies and even better they were all dead. There were no more insects after that and I think I know why! I do believe the Dahlia Cuttings root quicker and look better with REMIN in the compost I used no other insecticide in the greenhouse or on the plot. Even better than this, for first time ever, I had no Dahlia Smut on the plants so there was no stripping down of bottom leaves as I usually have to do, as with REMIN all the leaves seemed healthy.

You can use same mix to (a) pot on cuttings (b) spread on the plot at a rate similar to a light dusting of lime, plus 10-10 -10 cem and (c) put REMIN in the hole when growing for exhibition. I do believe REMIN regenerates the soil which is one reason why I got it. I think the amount of trace elements in the product helps to release the locked in elements. Because the soil is healthier it helps to strengthen the plants Immune System. Myself having been in hybridisation for many years now, I know that a strong immune system will keep virus at bay. Remember viruses are everywhere – they are in the soil, transponded by the air and on your hands, so the plants need to be strong when you handle them. From my allotments, I also noticed an improved flavour on all of my vegetables especially the cabbages and carrots. I have written this as I found it.

8. JOHN HAMILTON – Young, 2nd Year Crofter & Lifetime Gardener – Isle of Lewis
With nutrient depleted soil from years of neglect and wet weather, I bought 1 tonne bulk bag of REMIN volcanic rock dust and they organised the most economic delivered right to the house. I ADDED the REMIN MIXED WITH MY OWN COMPOST to the VEG PATCHES and HAVE HAD AN IMPROVED YIELD ALREADY, especially the PEAS and BEANS which were in abundance. ROOT CROPS are best yet and COURGETTES were good too. I also added REMIN to the soil with the knowledge that it will release minerals slowly for years to come. With a regular top up in the compost heap I hope to see further improvement. I also added REMIN when planting some of my TREE SAMPLING (see OAK and PINE in photos) and where added the GROWTH AND STRENGTH WAS MUCH GREATER. With the plan of starting up a market garden on the croft REMIN is a great investment. Local Veg Boxes to follow soon!!

7. DOUG RANDS, Sussex – gardener, retired, first year using REMIN
I would like to say how impressed I am with the REMIN volcanic rock dust that I used on my POTATOES and BRASICCAS and on my COMPOST HEAP in 2019 for the first time.  It really does what it says on the bag!     My POTATOES treated with REMIN are larger than expected, pretty well blight free and skins clear of blemishes and taste superb.  BRUSSEL SPROUTS are same variety as last year with the only difference being the REMIN I added to the soil.   This year they are taller, stronger and carry more SPROUTS.  My PURPLE SPROUTING PLANTS are also greatly superior and the only difference was I added REMIN the soil before planting.   Finally my COMPOST HEAP, which I treated with REMIN, has so many lovely red worms in it that it’s just like a WORMERY – with the other bonus being it definitely SPEEDED UP THE COMPOSTING PROCESS!

6. COLIN GUTHRIE, Island of Arran, Scotland – gardener, retired, rents out MERKLAND COTTAGE 
As a retired GP I enjoy growing fruit and veg and one of my favourite books is The New Organic Grower by Eliot Coleman.   As per photos, Eliot Coleman advises European farmers “consider basalt rock to be highly effective” as a soil improver.  The book was written 30 years ago, so this isn’t new thinking!   In Jan19 therefore, I bought 2t REMIN volcanic rock dust and have had an very productive season using my hügelkultur raised beds (see photo putting old wood in base).  As I did not do any with / without trials I cannot put success down to REMIN but I think it is an excellent product and I am pleased I made the investment.

NOTE FROM JENNIFER:   We stayed in Merkland Cottage when visiting Arran for REMIN stockists, Arran Haulage Open Day, March 2019.  It is a truly lovely cottage and we bought all our (home grown) fruit and veg from Colin.  The cottage has a fantastic view out to sea and is walking distance from amazing Brodick Castle .  I took photos 1-7 in March and Colin has updated these for October with his amazing fruit and veg.   Way to go!!

“Ample mineral content is an integral ingredient for good soil for healthy growth.   We have seen an improvement in the strength and health of our vegetables (see photo!) after applying mineral rich REMIN volcanic rock dust and it is now a key part of our growing approach.”     

4. STEVE LAWRENCE, Suffolk – private gardener 
Steve gave us a super 2018 testimonial .   For 2019:  “White Lady Runner Beans have done magnificently this year with remaining beans being left to swell, dry and use as pulses;  enormous Blue Hubbard Squashes that I have to saw up for Suzannne as they’re too big to cut in the kitchen;  Flame Tomatoes have such a sweet flavour and are almost seedless;  Late sowed Sunflowers whose seeds will be dried as treats for hens later in the year.  Yes, I’ve no doubt REMIN helps improve my garden, year on year

3. KEITH WOODHEAD, West Yorkshire – allotment holder and private gardener
Keith given us a super 2018 testimonial .   For 2019: Since I discovered REMIN I have become a dedicated user and cannot understand why it is not mainstream – because it works!  Here are my REMIN enriched New Potatoes back in June, clean as a whistle; what I call my INVINCIBLE TOMATO as I grew these from a plant I found growing out the side of a pavement; my HONEYBERRIES doing fabulous again this year, including the GIN!; Autumn Gold YELLOW RASPBERRIES, best crop I’ve ever had; FIGS; and PURPLE SWEET PEPPERS which I grew from Ebay plug plants.   Keep going Jen, we will win over the gardeners that want to grow better produce, naturally, soon enough!!”

2. Essex – private gardener and allotment holder
“I’ve used REMIN for years.  I have the impression that the plants are much more resilient in my ultra-low-maintenance growing conditions.   They seem to survive drought better, attract fewer pests and ailments, and recover better from pests they do suffer from.  I also use REMIN because I  feel that the resultant food is more nutritious – it also usually seems to taste particularly good.  My photos include my James Grieve APPLES, STRAWBERRIES, RHUBARB, SQUASHES, ONIONS, GARLIC, SWEET PEAS and PEACHES all fed by REMIN.”

1. SHEANA GRIFFITHS, Near Berwick upon Tweed – private gardener
“OK, I admit I’m Jennifer’s sister and a lifelong gardener.   Bottom line is Jennifer now knows when she comes to visit, she MUST bring me some REMIN.  As photos show, whether it’s FLOWER BEDS, TUBS or BASKETS I get an improvement in overall health, colour and pest resistance of my flowers.  REMIN has benefitted our LAWN and improved all my VEGETABLES.  I also add REMIN to my compost pile to gives me the benefit of remineralised compost.  Go Jen! Go! Go! Go!”

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