No Smell – No Water – No Chemicals – No Septic Tanks – No Cesspits

Electric Supply from mains or solar – Fertiliser immediately – Excellent Compost in Time

REMIN Eco-Toilet Separett - June 2105

Given our delight at the ease of installation and use of our new Dry Separating Composting Toilet ‘REMIN’ is now happy to promote ‘Ecotoilets’ as the prime SCOTTISH AGENT.
Working on an entirely natural process by means of the design of the human body, what comes from us separately is kept separate. Urine, which is non-toxic and classed as grey water, can be run into an existing sink or rainwater drain, soakaway or holding tank. Our solid deposits, stay within the body of the toilet and by means of aerobic digestion compost down naturally. A fan draws air over the solids and any residual odours are vented to the outside world. Gentlemen need to be seated for all functions at all times, so that no liquids enter into the back compartment.

They can be fitted easily and anywhere.  Houses, churches, golf courses, bothies, allotments etc can all benefit from these free standing units without any requirement to dig a deep pit. We can also provide them in different sized wooden, or secure cabins. As shown below the toilets in the cabins operate either from mains power or by solar panel and battery.


Installing SEPARETT VILLA toilets into a house can be carried out on a DIY basis or you can commission a local plumber/ tradesman.   The bespoke installation of the following is required:
(a) Air vent pipe, to be ducted at any angle, to exit the house
(b) Liquid drain from the rear that relies on gravity unless a separate urine pump is installed.

Whilst we do not provide a service to install SEPARETT VILLA toilets into houses we can provide a quotation to install a WOODEN or SECURE CABIN complete with SEPARETT VILLA.

For a QUOTATION to INSTALL YOUR CABIN, please contact us here with your details. 

Did you know… Only 1% of the Earth’s water is drinkable and yet 30% of a household’s drinkable water is flushed down the toilet on a daily basis!   Furthermore an average person flushes away 15,000 Litres of drinking water every year.   EcoToilets require zero water to operate.