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Hans-Peter Fahrni, Head of the Swiss Agent for the Environment, Forests and Landscapes with yours truly... 2003!
What better way to launch my first blog than my Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship that helped get me to where I am today, running my own company REMIN (Scotland) Ltd selling and promoting REMIN volcanic rock dust - a unique and natural soil and compost improver with so much unrealised potential.   My Fellowship was started by applying right here: 

WJJ Green Lorry at quarry - side onRockface at QuarryIn the UK, Garden Centres from Caithness to Cornwall are saying “It is the same folk that come back for more, so REMIN does work (see TESTIMONIALS!!) – you just need more publicity!”

Both at home and abroad, whilst we strive to get more gardeners to USE, TALK ABOUT, REPORT, BLOG and FILM REMIN, to get professional growers on board we need more TRIALS and RESEARCH.

So, basically, this webpage is to (try to!) keep you up to date with REMIN progress on all fronts!