09 Jun VIDEO: FIGHTING GREENFLY WITH REMIN – with Mr Bee’s approval

One of the challenges in getting the benefits of REMIN recognised is that the benefits are so wide ranging.  So here I am introducing a new way of using REMIN – and this time it is getting rid of greenfly!  

The first time I saw this was in a productive greenhouse in Kirkwall, Orkney that was really suffering with greenfly.   I can’t remember why I recommended half an inch of rock dust in the base of a watering can and giving the affected plants a good soaking.   The lady emailed me the next week to say the greenfly have gone!   Using the method in this video I got rid of the greenfly in one of my wall baskets and so here I am dosing the second wall basket, and yes it has worked for both baskets.   So please, Blog readers who have greenfly problems, give this a go and let me know how you get on.   Please take care not to be too rough on your plants!  

As for second bit of the video cf “The Road Less Travelled” when the insect landed on the ladies coat, Mr Bee appeared and seemed excited by EMIN on the flower petals.  As well pollen from the stamens it appeared to be lapping up the REMIN mix from the petals.     On REMIN website you will see several examples of animals consciously seeking out and consuming REMIN volcanic rock dust.   There is a recognised practice called Geophagia where animals and humans seek out and eat types of soil and minerals, apparently for their health giving benefits.  I just had not scripted in Mr Bee!   Now I look forward to hearing how you get on..

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